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´╗┐Natalie "´╗┐Anadrol 50" Morales flies high as a news reporter in

It's the perfect role for TODAY's Natalie Morales: In "Rio 2," which opens Friday, she plays a news reporter (she's already got that down) with Brazilian roots (her mother is Brazilian and she lived in Rio from ages 7 to 10). And to top it off, Morales was able to be part of a film franchise that her two sons "Anadrol 50" Josh, 10, and Luke, 5 already loved.

"My kids watched (the original 'Rio') hundreds of times, so when the film's creator asked if I would like to be a character I was beyond thrilled," Morales said.

While her role is a small one, you may recognize some gestures. The animation department at Blue Sky Studios welcomed her involvement, even allowing her to come up with a few of her own lines, and incorporated Morales' mannerisms and facial expressions into her cartoon character. (Look for her eyebrows rising as she reads a news story.)

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Blue Sky Studios

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In the first film, Brazilian born Blu, a rare Spix's Macaw, leaves his cozy bookstore home in Minnesota for the bright colors and flavors of Rio. And in "Rio 2," the birds set out for the Buy Cheap Jintropin Online Amazon rain forest, finding unexpected family when they do so. Brazil is depicted as a colorful, flower Bolt 200m and bird filled Gensci Jintropin tropical paradise, and Morales appreciated that "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" the setting Anavar 3rd Week was really another character in the movie.

"I absolutely love how both 'Rio' and 'Rio 2' have so beautifully portrayed the country and its incredible culture," she said. "From its music, customs and its spectacular geography, the films really bring Brazil to life." The film's creator, Brazilian Carlos Saldanha, also incorporated the musical beats of his native land, under the direction of Brazil's most famous musician, Sergio Mendes.

To go with its warm weather setting, "Rio 2" has a warm message. "I love how the film is really all about fitting in, finding family and your Equipoise Bloat place in the world," Morales said. "Blu struggles to fit in in the Amazon rain forest with his fanny pack and GPS. He has to prove to his father in law (Andy Garcia) that he is cut out for the Amazon."

And the film also gets two very important thumbs up from Morales' sons. "Both loved the film very much, and it did win me coolest mom points for a day," she shared.